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Thomas Alva Edison – 1847 -1931…!

Thomas Alva Edison, during his life time took out more than 1000 patents for his inventions. In the history of science perhaps there is no other scientist who has been credited with so many inventions and discoveries. Edison was born in Milan, USA on Feb 11. 1847.

When he was only 10 years old, he set up his first laboratory in the basement of his home. During 1860, he worked in the telegraph office of USA and Canada. In 1876 he sold telegraph printer he had invented. With this money he could set up a good laboratory for his work at Menlo Park, New Jersey.

In his laboratory he invented the Carbon – resistance transmitter photograph with which human voice could be recorded and reproduced.

In 1879, he invented the electric bulb. He also invented thermionic emission which is known as Edison effect today. In 1880 he lighted Menlo Park with 100 bulbs. This was a small demonstration of his invention. New York was the first city of the world where electric lights were used. Edison laid a cable of 75 km long and lighted more than one thousand houses on the night of September 4th 1882.

In 1887, he made a new laboratory in West Orange. Here in 1891, he invented Kinetograph. It was the first movie camera.

Edison was known as the wizard of technical age. He continued his scientific research until his last breath on October 18th, 1931.

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