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The place of sports in a child’s life…!

Today we find only a few of children play games. Most of the children are not healthy. There are many reasons for this. Today’s child is very busy with studies. But we should not forget sports and games. Sports and games are equally important as studies. There is a saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”
Children should be given enough opportunity to play in schools and outside. Children should be let to play cricket, volleyball football, rugger etc. Sports and games develop both body and mind. They make our bodies strong by giving them exercise. Strong and healthy bodies in turn help to – keep our minds healthy.

Sports and games play an important role in character building. When we play games such as football and netball, we play hard to win as a team Here the team spirit of a person is developed. Another truth we learn from sports and games is that we cannot always win. This teaches us to accept both defeat and victory in the same spirit.

In sports we also get an opportunity to share experience with participants from other countries and other schools. We learn to appreciate and recognize the abilities of the players who come from different backgrounds.

But we should not forget our studies. We need a balance between work and play. We should learn to manage our time. Then we can do both, our studies and sports. Children have their rights to play. They should not be deprived of their rights. Let them grow up strong and intelligent.

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