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Bird watching…!

Many birds come to my garden. I like watching them. Some of them are crows, parrots, robins, king fishers, woodpeckers, mynahs, black birds and storks.

The parrot is a beautiful bird with green feathers. It has a red ring around it’s neck. It has a long beak too. This beak helps it to catch flies and eat fruit.

The king fisher is also a beautiful bird. It has blue and brown feathers. It’s long beak helps it to catch fish.
It watches near a stream or a drain and if it sees a fish it swoops down and takes the fish to a branch of a nearby tree. The woodpecker is also a nice bird to be watched. It’s feathers are red. It’s sharp beak enable it to peck at the trunks of old trees. Wood peckers eat fruit and eggs.

The black bird or Kauda is an interesting bird too. Their tails are like the tails of a fish. They lay eggs in a nest made on a branch of a tree. They are very fierce when their eggs are hatched. They drive away the crows that come near the nest. Sometime they make a sound like that of a cat.

The magpie is a small bird. It is black and white in colour. They eat worms. After a small rain I watch them bathe in pools of water. They sing sweetly. Some people say they are unlucky but I think they are nice birds.

The Polkichchas or the seven sisters are always in groups. They are grey and chubby. They eat anything that is found in our compound.

Bird watching is an interesting hobby. We can learn about birds. Really bird watching is very interesting.

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