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A rainy day

Grade 6,7,8 Essays

It was a Sunday evening. I was staying in my room and watching the weather outside from my window. Dark clouds were coming down and covering the blue sky. Because of the stormy winds, the branches were swaying. Men women and children were hurrying home. First, light drizzle started and soon, it turned into a heavy shower.

I felt scared as I was alone. Muddy water flowed along the drains into our garden. The traffic moved very slowly. Then I saw a man looking for some shelter. He ran to a wayside bouique. He kept looking out for the bus, but as there was no bus, he got into a trishaw.

As it was tea time, I went to drink something hot. I had a cup of hot tea. At last my brother came home and I was happy He was wet and I gave him a towel to wipe himself.

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